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Vibration Testing of ERIFLEX Solutions for Electric Mobility




The purpose of this document is to review the performance of nVent ERIFLEX solutions for electric mobility namely, nVent ERIFLEX insulated power conductors and nVent ERIFLEX earthing and bonding conductors, under vibrations. Testing is carried out using the test schedule detailed in ISO 6469-1 for 12 hours in each direction and with a max acceleration of 2.64g for frequencies ranging from 5 to 200Hz. No damage on the nVent ERIFLEX tested products was visible therefore validating the use of nVent ERIFLEX solutions in the field of electric mobility.



Electric mobility entails distributing electrical power between the various electrical components (battery pack, converter, controller, motor, on-board charger) of a vehicle. It also requires proper earthing and bonding of all metal parts in order to maintain equipotentiality. Power as well as earthing and bonding is typically done using either automotive grade flexible busbars or with cable and lug assemblies (wire harnessing). Durability of such components, and therefore, the reliability of a vehicle as a whole depends, among other factors, on the ability to withstand sustained vibrations without failure. Various electric-mobility related standards include test methods for the assessment of the vibration withstand capabilities of components.



A third-party laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025: TESTING AND CALIBRATION LABORATORIES was used to perform this testing. Here below are pictures of the various components installed on the test bench. The components are fastened to the vibration table using nVent ERIFLEX ISO-TP metric insulators. Figure 1 shows two pieces of nVent ERIFLEX CPI braids in the lower left corner, three pieces of nVent ERIFLEX MBJ braids in the lower right corner and a piece of nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar at the top. Additionally, samples of nVent ERIFLEX MBJ (top) and nVent ERIFLEX CPI (bottom) were fastened between a fixed table and the vibration itself as show in figure 2.


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Figure 1 : nVent  ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced, nVent ERIFLEX MBJ, nVent ERIFLEX CPI (clockwise from top)